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American Whisky

There are three main types of American Whiskey; Bourbon, Tennessee and Rye.

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Booker's Bourbon 750mL

Booker’s® true barrel bourbon is a rare barrel-strength bourbon, bottled uncut and unfiltered. Only a few batches are released every year. Each batch varies in age and proof, but one thing is always guaranteed – intense bourbon flavour and a nose that is one-of-a-kind.

Bulleit Bourbon FSBS 700mL

Bulleit Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey whose high-rye content is a favourite among bartenders and mixologists.

Cougar Black 45 700mL

Cougar Black 45 is a bold, smooth, 45% ABV bourbon whiskey, twice distilled and aged in virgin charred white oak barrels. The result is a Distiller’s Cut 45% Bourbon, with hints of vanillla, oak and spice, all creating a bold, smooth drinking finish.